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Bird Flu in California

Possible Bird Flu in the Bay Area.

Middle aged man with severe respiratory illness told his doctor he had just returned to California from a chicken farm in Vietnam. The alarms went off.
Doctors ordered tests. The first tests came back as positive for influenza A, which is the same faily that the Avian Flu is in.

The doctors swabbed the man’s throat and it was rushed to the state lab in Richmond, CA, where sophisticated testing yielded even scarier findings. There was aa strong likelihood he carried the deadly H5N1 strain.

The state of California swung into action with the final result a negative for the Bird Flu. Everyone was relieved but is bird flu on the way?

There have been several cases of the deadly Bird Flu in America in recent months many of them in California. “Because there are so many travelers into California, we could very well see a case tomorrow,” said Janice Louie, a medical officer at the lab.

“Quick testing and getting results back from people who may be ill are critical,” said state Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, chairwoman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Services and Homeland Security. “Experts tell us the response has to be as quick and overwhelming as possible. We can’t let the flu get out in front of us.”

“We must have a plan, and carefully follow the plan, or bird flu will be out of control with no turning back” says

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