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Bird Flu in Indonesia the Struggle to Contain It

Indoneisa i struggling to contain the bird flu, and it is beginning to expand again. Indonesia now ranks as the country with the most deaths from the bird flu, and people are starting to become nervous about the bird flu.

Can Indonesia figure out how to contain it or are they about out of time with the bird flu before a huge global pandemic starts in Indonesia?

In the isolated mountain community of Dairi in north Sumatra, about 200 villagers file into a packed meeting house. Everybody is talking about a frightening rumor that has been circulating all day.

Bupati Tumanggor, head of the local Dairi district, addresses the restless crowd over a loudspeaker.

He confirms that someone from the village has been hospitalized for avian influenza. Five chickens have tested positive for the H5N1 virus as well. He tells them the next morning all birds within a one-kilometer radius will be killed, to keep the virus from spreading.

Source: VOA News

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