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California Bird Flu - Avian Flu - H5N1

California Bird Flu - Avian Flu - H5N1

Did you know that scientists believe that the bird flu pandemic will most likely start in California? That is right, the best odds show that California will get the Bird Flu first. If a bird-flu pandemic does hit the United States, it may well start in California and spread across the country in just two to four weeks.

The state’s Office of Emergency Services is standing by to help coordinate responses to contain the bird flu outbreak if it hits California. The California bird flu response plan is being tweaked as experts learn more about avian flu, but admit it’s hard to be sure if California is ready for the bird flu.

Past California Bird Flu:
Japanese quails suffering from a low pathogenic strain of bird flu were discovered in a Sun Valley quail farm.

Since 2003, the H5N1 bird flu virus has been detected in 48 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. More than 151 people have died after coming into contact with infected poultry.

The birds had been raised for human consumption.

California Bird Flu - Avian Flu - H5N1

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