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Citizens Urged to Stockpile for Bird Flu Pandemic

All Citizens Urged to Stockpile Supplies Incase of Bird Flu Pandemic

Experts have warned that a severe pandemic bird flu may create a disruption of mostcritical services.

(PRWEB) September 2, 2006
Experts have warned that a severe pandemic bird flu would create a disruption of many critical services. Deliveries such as for food, water and prescription medication would abruptly come to a halt and the general public could expect major shortages of all resources.

Along with buying extra food and water, the public is also urged to obtain a pneumonia vaccination known as the pneumococcal PPV23. A pneumonia vaccination has the ability to prevent the lethal secondary bacterial infection which can develop as a complication to the ahead of time is thought to be more effective than using antibiotics to fight the pneumonia infection. Until the emergence of this new super-flu virus, such preventive measures were rarely discussed.


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