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Second Egyptian Woman Dies of Bird Flu

Fatma Mahmoud Youssef Sabra Bird FluA 30-year-old woman died of the H5N1 bird flu strain on Monday, Egypt’s second human death from the virus since it appeared in the country last month, the health ministry announced. Czech authorities said they suspected their first case of H5N1 in a dead swan.

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    Bird flu spreads in Gaza Strip

    The Palestinians aregrappling with a spreading outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of bird flu, which is also deadly to humans, with a second case detected in the Gaza Strip.

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    Bird Flu Kills Girl in Cambodia and Woman in China

    Bird flu has killed a young girl in Cambodia, the first human victim of the virus in the poor southeast Asian nation in almost a year, while China said on Friday a woman in the city of Shanghai had died from it. –>

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    Bird Flu in Germany

    Bird flu has reached the German capital (Berlin) when it was confirmed that a dead buzzard found on the balcony of an apartment block was infected with the H5N1 form of the virus.

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    Mexico Denies Bird Flu at USA Border

    Mexico’s agriculture ministry has denied rumors on Thursday that a case of H5N1 bird flu had been found near the U.S. border.

    “We are free of highly pathogenic bird flu,” Jose Angel del Valle, the ministry’s animal health director said.
    The rumors apparently first surfaced on a Brazilian Web site, which reported that a duck found dead in the town of Nogales, near Arizona, had died of bird flu and that more tests were being ran on other birds.

    The Western Hemisphere so far has had no confirmed cases of the deadly version of bird flu, which has killed more than 100 people in seven countries: Turkey, Iraq, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

    Mexican authorities have killed around 300 birds after detecting low pathogenic bird flu on homesteads in the southern state of Chiapas last December.

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    Bird Flu Confirmed in 2nd Case in Albania

    The H5N1 bird flu virus was confirmed on Wednesday evening in chickens found dead last week ina village near Tirana, local media has reported. This is the second outbreak of the deadly virus strain in Albania in the month.

    “Final test results from Weybridge Lab in London showed on Wednesday that the dead chickens found last Friday in the village of Peze-Helmes contain (more…)

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    Richmond preparing for Avian flu outbreak

    In response to possible pandemic of the Avian Flu virus which could could cross North American borders by spring, Mayor L. Douglas Wilder has charged the City’s Office of Emergency Management and the City’s Public Health Department with prepareding measures to adequately address the possibility of citywide outbreak. Currently there is no vaccine for the airborne virus.

    “We must make every effort to prepare for an eventual outbreak of the Avian Flu here,” said the mayor in a press release. “By having these measures firmly in place, we are doing all that we possibly can to safeguard our community from this growing health risk.”

    The City is immediately prepared to address a minor outbreak of the Avian Flu, preparedness measures are already in place for a broader situation. Within 48-hours of a citywide outbreak, the State’s Public Health Department would receive sufficient medication available in the City to treat 300,000 to a million people from (more…)

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