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Human Bird Flu Cases Top 200

Bird flu cases worldwide topped 200 after a dozen people were confirmed to have been infected with the avian flu virus (H5N1) in Egypt, the World Health Organization said.

“Of the 12 Avian Flu cases in Egypt, four patients have died and –>one remains hospitalized in stable condition,” the Geneva-based United Nations agency said in an April 21 statement on its

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    African Bird Flu Plan

    African Avian Flu PlanAfrica needs the ability and donor aid to react swiftly to deal with a potentially large-scale outbreak of bird flu, experts say.

    “Africa needs a rapid response to the disease and must draw up practical measures to control and prevent the disease,” Malawi’s Agriculture Minister Uladi Mussa said on the opening day of the conference in the capital Lilongwe. (more…)

  • Burkina Has Bird Flu 5th African State
  • Schools Need to Prepare for the Bird Flu
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    Avian Flu Advice

    Avian Flu Advice SymptomsAvian Flu
    Reader’s Question: Bird Flu has hit the UK. I was just needing some advice (not from the tabloids and news) about the medical affects on humans. What do you think is going to happen? This could be advice or just a general comment.

    Reader’s Answer: The flu virus family is a big one. Some are characteristically bird flus, others are swine flus, others are human flues …

    There’s a considerable similarity amongst them (a family, right!) and under some circumstances, a bird flu can swap bits with a pig flu or a human flu, producing a new variant. It’s likely that –>this happens most often in SE Asia where duck ponds, people (including children) and pigs all live in very close quarters. This is probably the way the major flu pandemics (remember the

  • How Much Will the Bird Flu Cost?
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    Bird Flu Updates China and Pakistan

    Pakistan suspects new bird flu outbreak
    Pakistani authorities ordered the slaughter of 15,000 chickens after a suspected fourth outbreak of the deadly bird flu virus, officials said.

    China announces new bird flu death
    A 21-year-old migrant worker has died of bird flu in central China, state media reported.

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  • UN Asks China to Teach the Worl about Bird Flu
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    Possible Bird Flu Vaccine Available AFTER Pandemic

    Avian Flu Vaccine available AFTER Pandemic

    A Hong Kong scientist said Wednesday that despite promising developments in human bird flu vaccines, an effective vaccine could emerge only months following a bird flu pandemic.
    “The most crucial development worldwide regarding the battle against H5N1 human infection is the timely emergence of a new vaccine,” Ronald Lam, principal medical and health officer of Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection, said in an address at a business luncheon.

    “But this vaccine will (more…)

  • Bird Flu Vaccine has Limited Success
  • Drug Maker Says New Bird Flu Vaccine Is Better
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    West Nile Virus in California

    We often like to touch on other health issues and wanted to highlight the West Nile Virus in California. West Nile Virus in CaliforniaWest Nile virus has killed 430 horses in California during the last two years, according to the state Department of Food and Agriculture. Veterinarians fear a wet spring coupled with warm weather could further spread the disease among an estimated 20 percent of horses in the state that have yet to be vaccinated.

    The record rains that have saturated Northern California since the beginning of March have created ripe breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the (more…)

  • California Bird Flu - Avian Flu - H5N1
  • Bird Flu in California
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    Washington Bird Flu Pandemic Plan

    Washington State Bird Flu Pandemic PlanWashington State has issued the plan for Bird Flu (Avian Flu) and the pandemic that may come with the Bird Flu virus.

    Avian Flu in Washington State

    A worldwide outbreak of the avian flu influenza—or a pandemic—would occur when a new influenza virus appears for which humans have no immunity. The virus would (more…)

  • Bird Flu in Washington
  • Indonesian Woman Being Treated for Bird Flu
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