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First vaccine to fight bird flu is here

A single vaccine can now protect poultry against two of the deadliest killers - bird flu and Newcastle disease.

A team of American biologists have found that inserting a bird flu gene into a popular vaccine that protects poultry against –>Newcastle disease, leads to resistance

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    Bird flu kills two more siblings in Indonesia

    Preliminary tests have found that bird flu killed two more siblings in Indonesia, officials said Friday, as the country grapples with a separate outbreak involving the largest family cluster ever reported.

    Local tests found that a brother and sister from West Java who died earlier this week were infected by the H5N1 virus, said Nyoman Kandun, head of the Health Ministry’s office of communicable disease control. The tests will be sent to a World Health Organization laboratory for further confirmation.

    WHO officials so far have confirmed 33 human deaths from bird flu in Indonesia, out of 124 worldwide.

    The newest cases come (more…)

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    What Happens When the Bird Flu Hits the USA

    Bird Flu Hits the USAReader’s Question:
    What will likely happen if bird flu hits the USA?

    Reader’s Answer:
    The worst fear is that the bird flu mutates. You may be aware that already one more variant has beed spotted and naturally –>, people die whom so ever consumes the infected

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    1000s Quarantined from Bird Flu - News

    Bird Flu is growing. Quarantines in Romania. Possible Human-to-Human transmission in Indonesia. Is the bird flu pandemic almost here?

    About 13,000 people were quarantined in the Romanian capital on Monday as troops and police sealed off streets in response to the city’s second bird-flu outbreak, said officials.

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    Possible Human to Human Bird Flu Transmission - News

    Possible Human to Human Bird Flu Transmission - NewsGENEVA — The U.N. health agency is looking closely at possible limited human-to-human transmission of bird flu between members of an Indonesian family, but said there was no evidence indicating the virus had mutated or that it had spread beyond the relatives.

    “We’re not surprised that there is possible human-to-human transmission,” said Steven Bjorge, a World Health Organization epidemiologist in Jakarta, Indonesia. “The thing we’re looking for is whether it’s sustained beyond the immediate cluster.”

    Visit’s Bird Flu Content Center.

    Six of the seven people (more…)

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    Testing for Bird Flu in Alaska

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Federal scientists have started testing migratory birds for signs of a dangerous bird flu that could show up in North America.

    The testing of shorebirds began Wednesday on an Anchorage coastal wildlife refuge, said Bruce Woods, spokesman with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    It’s the first (more…)

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    Vets on Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

    The Iowa Veterinary Medicine Association warns that the message from ABC’s Monday night broadcast of “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” should be preparation, not panic about the avian flu. To help separate bird flu fact from fiction, the IVMA has some clarification points:

    1. There is no influenza pandemic in the world at this time.

    2. Since 2003, there have been about 200 human cases of bird flu infection (more…)

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