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Bird Flu in Canada

Canada has detected a case of H5 avian flu in the eastern province of Prince Edward Island and plans further testing over the weekend to determine whether it is the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain, government officials announced on Friday.

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    Bird Flu Growing

    Bird Flu worries are quiet but the possibility of a bird flu pandemic is growing. Due to the nicer weather, bird flu is slowing its spread. As Fall and Winter arrives in a few months, the chance of Bird Flu spreading multiplies.

    Be ready for the Bird Flu.

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    Ready for the Burd Flu Checklist

    Not afraid of the bird flu? Well it doesn’t hurt to be prepared jsut in case the bird flu does hit.
    Bird Flu Pandemic Checklist


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    Human-to_human Bird Flu more Prevalent than Acknowledged

    “In the wake of a cluster of avian flu cases that killed seven members of a rural Indonesian family, it appears likely that there have been many more human-to-human infections than the authorities have previously acknowledged,” writes Donald G. McNeil Jr. in an article set for Sunday’s New York Times the has learned from reliable sources.

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