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Bird flu has deadly friends: health experts

Bird Flu in the USA

Bird flu may be the tip of the iceberg experts say. Experts meeting in Mali say the deadly H5N1 virus (bird flu) is just one of a plethora of diseases threatening animals and people around the world as global warming, intensive farming, increased travel and trade help dangerous microbes breed and spread. “Avian flu is just one of many diseases that are impacting the continent (of Africa).

The experts are telling us that other diseases are going to emerge or re-emerge,” said Francois Le Gall, the World Bank’s lead livestock specialist for Africa. “Almost every year there is a new disease appearing, and 75 percent of these emerging or re-emerging diseases are coming from animals; 80 percent of those have zoonotic potential,” he said in an interview.

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    Testing for Bird Flu in Alaska

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Federal scientists have started testing migratory birds for signs of a dangerous bird flu that could show up in North America.

    The testing of shorebirds began Wednesday on an Anchorage coastal wildlife refuge, said Bruce Woods, spokesman with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    It’s the first (more…)

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    Bird Flu Symptoms

    Bird flu can cause a range of symptoms in humans. Some patients report fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches. Others suffer from eye infections, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress and other severe and life-threatening complications.

    Avian / Bird Flu is becoming more dangerous.


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  • Bird Flu Symptoms
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    Avian Flu Advice

    Avian Flu Advice SymptomsAvian Flu
    Reader’s Question: Bird Flu has hit the UK. I was just needing some advice (not from the tabloids and news) about the medical affects on humans. What do you think is going to happen? This could be advice or just a general comment.

    Reader’s Answer: The flu virus family is a big one. Some are characteristically bird flus, others are swine flus, others are human flues …

    There’s a considerable similarity amongst them (a family, right!) and under some circumstances, a bird flu can swap bits with a pig flu or a human flu, producing a new variant. It’s likely that –>this happens most often in SE Asia where duck ponds, people (including children) and pigs all live in very close quarters. This is probably the way the major flu pandemics (remember the

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    Burkina Has Bird Flu 5th African State

    Burkina Faso has detected the dangerous H5N1 strain of bird flu in poultry on the outskirts of its capital Ouagadougou, making the West African country the fifth nation on the continent to report the avan flu disease.

    Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Egypt have already confirmed the virus in Africa, a continent which a top UN official said on Tuesday needed more funding to cope with the disease which has killed more than 100 people worldwide.

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    United States and Canada Working Together on Bird Flu

    Washington – The United States and Canada are working closely to keep watch for the introduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza into North America, according to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton.

    With the rapid movement of this dangerous bird flu virus across Central Asia, Europe and into Africa over the last few months, U.S. officials have come to accept that the appearance of the H5N1 virus in North America is inevitable. (more…)

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