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New Drug Blocks Bird Flu Virus

Bird Flu in the USANew Drug Blocks Influenza, Including Bird Flu Virus

Opening a new front in the war against flu, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have reported the discovery of a novel compound that confers broad protection against influenza viruses, including deadly avian influenza.

The new work, reported online this week (Oct. 4, 2006) in the Journal of Virology, describes the discovery of a peptide — a small protein molecule — that effectively blocks the influenza virus (including bird flu) from attaching to (more…)

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    Instant treatment vital for bird flu cases

    Avian flu kills in much the same way the global flu pandemic of 1918 did, by drowning victims in fluid produced in their own lungs, a new study has found. The study also suggests that immediate treatment with antiviral drugs is crucial, because the virus reproduces so quickly that, if not suppressed within the first 48 hours, it tends to push victims into a rapid decline to death.

    ”The paradigm ‘hit hard and hit early’ probably is very true for H5N1 bird flu influenza,” said Dr Menno D de Jong, an Oxford University virologist and the study’s lead author. However, he added, because the body’s own immune response does part of the damage, doctors should consider giving anti-inflammatory drugs along with antivirals like Tamiflu.

    Bird Flu Protection and Bird Flu Prevention from expert J. Rinard.
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    Bird Flu Claims Another Human Victim

    The human death toll from bird flu rose to at least 113 with the death of a 30 year old man from Indonesia.

    “Infectious diseases continue to be one of the most acute problems in health care,” said Russian Health Minister Mikhail Zurabov. (more…)

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    Bird Flu Protection

    There are 4 influenza drugs: amantadine and rimantadine which help fight certain strains of H5N1 infections, and Tamiflu and Relenza which are both drugs classified as neuraminidase inhibitors are said to help against most strains of H5N1.

    These 4 influenza drugs show promise for bird flu protection. More tests are being done to help with bird flu protection, as well as more drugs being made to help with bird flu protection.

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  • Instant treatment vital for bird flu cases
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    Avian Flu Advice

    Avian Flu Advice SymptomsAvian Flu
    Reader’s Question: Bird Flu has hit the UK. I was just needing some advice (not from the tabloids and news) about the medical affects on humans. What do you think is going to happen? This could be advice or just a general comment.

    Reader’s Answer: The flu virus family is a big one. Some are characteristically bird flus, others are swine flus, others are human flues …

    There’s a considerable similarity amongst them (a family, right!) and under some circumstances, a bird flu can swap bits with a pig flu or a human flu, producing a new variant. It’s likely that –>this happens most often in SE Asia where duck ponds, people (including children) and pigs all live in very close quarters. This is probably the way the major flu pandemics (remember the

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    Travel Bans Won’t Stop Bird Flu

    Travel restrictions and school closures will do little to stop a pandemic of bird flu from spreading Bird Flu in the USAacross the United States, but they may slow it enough to allow time to distribute drugs and vaccines, according to a study published on Monday.

    “It’s probably –>

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    Transmission of the Bird Flu

    Infected birds pass on H5N1 through their saliva, nasal secretions, and feces. Other birds may pick up the virus through direct contact with these excretions or when they have contact with surfaces contaminated with this material. Because migratory birds are among the carriers of the H5N1 virus it may spread to all parts of the world. Past outbreaks of avian flu have often originated in crowded conditions in southeast and east Asia, where humans, pigs, and poultry live in close quarters. In these conditions a virus can mutate into a form that more easily infects humans.

    The current method of prevention in animal populations is to destroy infected animals, as well as animals suspected of being infected. In southeast Asia, millions of domestic birds have been slaughtered to prevent the spread of the virus.

    Since H5N1 is an influenza virus, symptoms similar to those of the common flu, such as fever, cough, sore throat, and sore muscles, can develop in infected humans. However, (more…)

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