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UN: Expect Bird Flu to Spread Rapidly

Bird Flu Spreading RapidlyThe world should expect more bird flu outbreaks in the coming months, the U.N. official coordinating the global fight against the virus warned, after Britain recorded its first case of the H5N1 strain on a commercial farm.

Dr. David Nabarro said, however, that he did not expect the virus to spread in Britain to neighboring farms because of the quick containment measures put in place by the government.

“This should mean that there won’t therefore be spread … into other parts in the vicinity,” he (more…)

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    Moldy grain, not bird flu, caused Idaho duck deaths

    New bird flu outbreack

    Moldy grain, not bird flu, caused a large mallard duck die-off in Idaho, a U.S. Department of Agriculture spokeswoman said Friday.

    A big sigh if relief for people in Idaho and Utah as well as others in North America.

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    Bird Flu Found in Pennsylvania

    Bird Flu has been found in Pennsylvania in wild ducks. Don’t be alarmed. This is not the deadly for of the bird flu virus knows by scientists as H5N1.

    These mallards were tested August 28 in Crawford County, PA. The ducks seemed fine which was a quick tip-off that this was not the deadly bird flu virus found in Asia that has killed at least 141 people.

    Bird Flu seems to be spreading but has slown due to summer. There is a chance that it picks up speed and hits North America this winter.

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    Schools Need to Prepare for the Bird Flu

    Do you know your school’s bird flu plan? Is the school your chidlren go to prepared for the bird flu? Don’t you think this bird flu plan is important? You need to know how your kid’s school is prepared for the bird flu.

    There is a high risk of bird flu hitting North America this year and if it becomes a pandemic flu then the bird flu could kill millions of people in the US and Canada. Are you ready and do you know what to do? There may not be a lot of warning. The bird flu pandemic if it hits will hit hard and spread fast. At that point it may be to late.

    J Rinard, bird flu expert says, “Each school must be preared ahead of time and each staff member must know this bird flu plan.” He continues “when it hits is not soon enough to prepare, at that point millions could already be affects and just days away from dying.”

    Make sure you knwo the plans at school and work. If there is not one, get a bird flu plan from this site.

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    Bird Flu in Hawaii

    Bird Flu in Hawaii
    Wildlife experts in Hawaii started catching and testing birds for bird flu this week.

    US Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Ken Foote says the team expects to find some bird flu virus because there are many strains of it. The good news is that most bird flu viruses do not make wild birds or humans sick.

    The bird flu that is serious to humands (H5N1) has been found in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but it has never reached North America. This type of bird flu has the potential to reach North America and could very likely be found in Hawaii first.


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    Bird Flu Found in Maryland

    Bird flu virus strain found in Maryland

    U.S. scientists have confirmned the H5N1 avian influenza virus found earlier this month in Maryland is a low pathogenic subtype and poses no threat to humans at this time.

    The scientists from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Interior said the bird flu virus was detected in fecal samples collected last month from resident wild mallard ducks in Maryland’s Queen Anne’s County. The same bird flu strain has been detected several times in wild birds in North America.

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    Hunters Watch Out for the Bird Flu

    Public health officials bracing for the possible arrival of the deadly Asian bird flu are asking the nation’s hunters to assist in the bird flu monitoring effort.

    Although the H5N1 strain has not yet been discovered in North America, federal officials believe that could happen this year. To monitor for that possibility, and help officials develop an appropriate response, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services division has teamed with state wildlife and health agencies to test up to 100,000 wild birds.

    With hunting season here, hunters need to be on the look out for sick and dead birds that may be carrying the bird flu.

    Report anything you find to the CDC for further inspection about the bird flu.

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