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Schools Need to Prepare for the Bird Flu

Do you know your school’s bird flu plan? Is the school your chidlren go to prepared for the bird flu? Don’t you think this bird flu plan is important? You need to know how your kid’s school is prepared for the bird flu.

There is a high risk of bird flu hitting North America this year and if it becomes a pandemic flu then the bird flu could kill millions of people in the US and Canada. Are you ready and do you know what to do? There may not be a lot of warning. The bird flu pandemic if it hits will hit hard and spread fast. At that point it may be to late.

J Rinard, bird flu expert says, “Each school must be preared ahead of time and each staff member must know this bird flu plan.” He continues “when it hits is not soon enough to prepare, at that point millions could already be affects and just days away from dying.”

Make sure you knwo the plans at school and work. If there is not one, get a bird flu plan from this site.

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    1. Dr. Shoshana Says:

      It is well known that influenza outbreaks tend to occur in schools first. The portion of the population that has been most affected by bird flu is in the age 10-19 category. School plans need to serve as an “early warning” system. If symptoms breakout there and quick action taken to identify and treat infected children (or adults), some containment could occur. It is not enough to have a plan…as Hurricane Katrina clearly demonstrated. If people do not know what is in the plan or are unable to implement the plan, the results can be catastrophic.

      However, once a pandemic occurs the spread will be very rapid. Coughing, sneezing, contaminating items through touch are especially common behaviors in children. Bird flu is no ordinary flu, and to date it has killed 56% of those infected, and 73% of those infected between the ages of 10-19. Knowing what to do in the home becomes as important as having a school plan.

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