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U.S. Warns Africa On Bird Flu

U.S. Warns Africa On Bird Flu

The United States government yesterday warned that the avian flu, popularly known as the bird flu or H5N1, may mutate into a deadly pandemic worldwide and could end up claiming millions of lives globally, especially in developing countries. The US leader of Delegation on Avian and Pandemic Influenza, Ambassador John Lange, stated this at a press briefing at the US Embassy, Abuja, yesterday.

Lange stated that the avian flu requires constant surveillance, which the US is trying to establish through broad-based cooperation to prevent an outbreak of the pandemic in case the avian virus mutates. According to him, there is need for cooperative action to be taken down to the grassroots where many rural dwellers are exposed to the virus without knowledge of its deadly impact when they come in contact with chickens.

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