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Vets on Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

The Iowa Veterinary Medicine Association warns that the message from ABC’s Monday night broadcast of “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” should be preparation, not panic about the avian flu. To help separate bird flu fact from fiction, the IVMA has some clarification points:

1. There is no influenza pandemic in the world at this time.

2. Since 2003, there have been about 200 human cases of bird flu infection (strain H5N1). Most of these have occurred in Asia and only about half of those have been fatal. The virus has not yet appeared in the United States.

3. Most of the human infections are due to close contact with infected

poultry — few cases of human-to-human transmission have occurred.

4. If a worldwide outbreak occurred, it would not necessarily be as severe as depicted in the movie and may not seriously impact us here. The fictional movie will hopefully only raise awareness and preparedness for this and other diseases that have the potential to spread to this country and cause concern among health experts.

For more information on how the flu may affect you and our efforts to curtail this disease, go to

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